Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gateway Foods

How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'. ~MLK

Yes, you have a plan have thought it through and yet it is still hard to get started for some reason. Many of my clients are even anxious, anxious, anxious, yet when I follow up with them, they have found more than one reason to delay.

If this is you. Start NOW with the next thing you put in your mouth. Don't call it a program, plan, challenge or diet. Just call it a choice if you have to label it something.

You can take whatever your next meal is and pull out the crud and eat the good stuff!
  • Sandwich? Take the bread off and eat the inside.
  • Coffee? No sugar or artificial sweetner.
  • Chipotle? Just get a bowl.
When you know the guidelines you have set for yourself, it really isn't hard.There is no special shopping involved, no prepping the space, no thinking, you know what is in that meal that would be considered  non-beneficial. But there is the emotional attachment to food and the thought that we will be deprived. We won't! We aren't really missing anything that if we feel we REALLY need, won't still be there in a few weeks. That birthday cake at the office will be there next month, yep! People are born all year long.

Do we all end up slipping here or there. YES. Do we need to start over, beat ourselves up or just consider it a failure, NO! Pick yourself up, take the gloves off and make a choice you will feel good about next time.

Look at the overall goal, why you are doing the work and take it from there.

Before breakfast
Coffee, black organic

Coaching day for me, not ao workout, but I am active.
Green tea

Turkey sliced w/apple & nutbutter

Omelet w/spinach & red bell pepper

Tecchino - I like the Mocha flavor ;)

Cranberry tuna (w/mustard, shallots, celery & sesame oil, squeeze of lime)

Paleo pumpkin muffin w/ghee
Daughter had a friend over after school. Had to have a warm snack!

Unfortunately here is my 'blow it'...10 chocolate covered almonds. They were in the house and crud, open and exposed! Well I don't feel totally compromised, but those little tidbits that hang around and tempt you are where we need to take a moment and actually decide. Chocolate is a comfort food for me, something my mom and I would share.

Mark's Daily Apple has a great article for those foods that tempt today.
Gateway Foods

Slow roasted chicken w/cabbage
another 1/2 paleo muffin (hope these don't get me, they are delish)

Before bed

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