Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Going Primal

Well, November is here and change is not only in the season but in the lifestyle. Many people are interested in buckling down and making a real difference in their food choices.

Whether driven by health, performance, the need to fit into a certain dress over the holidays or because they are sick to their stomachs of the traditional October candy gorge, it all works. MOTIVATION! You have to decide to do it.

We'll look at 3 options that have come up for me:
  • Whole 30 v5, 
  • Primal & 
  • The Basics (no sugar/no gluten). 
During the next week, we will get some prep work done. Taking a few measurements, cleaning out the fridge and pantry, putting together a menu plan and heading out to the market.

Over this next month I will  post up a menu plan and some recipes along with some real experiences that I have had or been able to pry out of those that are participating!

Please, you are encouraged to join in and share. It can be a challenge to change when the world around you stays the same. But your story just might be an inspiration to someone else having a similar experience. 

Whole 30 - v5 Guidelines
When the new Whole 30 put out their new guidelines v5 I decided I would hunker down and commit to the whole program for 30 days. A little more strict than most of the programs but very doable. I started one week ago.

I normally eat Primarily Paleo 90% compliance, butter/ghee, heavy cream, a few starchy veggies in the wrong time-slots and a slice of cheesecake here or there. I really like the addition of Ghee to the program and felt that I too was feeling a diversion and had a few extra items in the house that wormed their way into my cheat meals (if you are counting, for 90% that would be an item, not a full splurge, in up to 4 meals a week). If you choose this option read and print the guidelines above. I promise it WILL help.

I plan to continue here with this program but will track along with the other two below as well. 

21 Day Primal Transformation
Following the Primal Blueprint (see Mark's Daily Apple for a ton of information). Additionally, a friend of mine decided to track his journey through the 21 Day Primal Blueprint. A well written guide supporting the Primal lifestyle.

Not quite as strict as a Paleo/Whole version of eating clean, there is an 80% compliance requirement with obviously a few more opportunity for cheat meals in there and some leniency the food list. Whole foods, no grains, occasional diary and comfort foods. Robert (BamBam) Budd, my favorite Kettlebell guy, just happened to be a caveman for Halloween and the role fit incredibly well. If you want to track along, he is hosting a number of members and friends from his studio in Encinitas, CA BUDDBELLS.

Here is a sample day of Primal.

The Basics: CF Roseville - No Sugar/No Gluten
A keeping it simple program. Just like it says. A good guideline for this program is The No-Grain Diet by Dr. Mercola. Though this time of year I am not a fan of the high volume of raw foods on the program. Instead, enjoy those veggies both raw and cooked or steamed. Since this is a gym challenge usually tied to a bonus, this one is basic. No buy-ins, no kitty, no 'winner', you are all winners when it comes to better health and quality of life. While there are many nuances here, staying away from gluten grains (gluten free grains include Rice/Quinoa/Buckwheat) and sugars, mainly found in packaged foods of ALL kinds. So, ditch the Halloween candy and eat fresh leaving no ingredient unturned or unidentified. Look here for the many names of sugar!

Some getting started tips on The Basics.

Ultimately we are talking about eating foods that re-feed, re-nourish and replenish your body. Natural, clean and delicious. Give yourself a chance to clear out the crud and feel good!

Just Do It
If you decide to jump on board, choose your weapon, come back regularly and see what's up, if you just want to hang out and get a feel for it all, that works too.

Most importantly, enjoy! ~jgirl

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  1. Love this! Thank you! thank you! thank you! I will share this with everyone who is going Primal with us.