Friday, November 4, 2011

You Need a Plan

Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.  ~Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

A plan makes it all happen. If you are just getting started, don't leave yourself exposed out there. Not knowing what to eat when you are out of the house can be a disaster.

If you don't feel that you can pull a plan together, there are some great resources out there. They do the work for a small price and you get the benefits. The reality is once you get the principles or just have the time to sit down and figure out what YOU can easily do this yourself. You will be able to discern what foods work best for you and/or your family. Try it for a month. Or at least put together 2-4 weeks of menu plans for yourself. There are some great food prep and tips that will be coming up in later posts. One you can use right now is...what you eat for dinner one night, have for lunch within the next day or so. Just make enough!

I am going to post Whole 30 v5 compliant foods here. Since you know the guidelines that YOU personally are going to follow you can vary the plan to your program.

Meal planning sites:
Sample Day w/workout (for me)
Wednesday - early workout day ;)
5:30 am
Coffee - black and organic 16 oz

6am WOD
Water 16 oz


Post WOD meal -in this case is breakfast for me ;)
Pumpkin Frittata, 1/2 green apple on the side
Green tea

Other great post wod meal options and pretty easy to take with you to the box.
  • Butternut squash 'cereal' w/coconut milk & nuts
  • Sweet potato w/sausage & egg omelet
  • Paleo Egg cups
10:30 am
Sliced ham w/other half of apple, cranberries & walnuts

Crockpot Chicken (leftovers from last night's dinner)
Spinach salad w/avocado & cucumber

Garden Meatballs over steamed arugula & beets
I prefer no pork in these. 

Endurance WOD
Water 16 oz

Butternut squash soup w/sausage & clarified butter
Peppermint tea

Sample Day w/out workout
Coffee, black and organic maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon

Poached eggs (2) mashed cauliflower w/parsley & sausage. I use butter in my cauliflower.
A primal favorite for us.

12 noon
Steak & turnip risotto, side of steamed spinach (w/ghee)
I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed the turnips in this recipe. I added some additional savory spice to the pot, olive oil.

Paleo muffin (applesauce not honey this time) topped w/mixed berries & green tea
We love this after school treat.

Cilantro turkey burger, sweet potato fries
My daughter's friend was over and was a little confused about the burger with no bun! However, she immediately wanted the recipe to give to her mom ;).

  • Organic coffee
  • Herbal or organic green tea
  • Perrier or San Pelegrino (in limited volume)
  • Water ;)
Other great idea or your favorites? Please share them. Yes, people are lurking ;) and they just may be asking a question in their head that you have the answer to.

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