Sunday, January 1, 2012

Perfect Primal Start ;)

Perfectly Primal Start to the New Year!

Challenging yourself again? Make this years changes a step toward a more permanent mindset. It's a great idea to set goals, but don't set yourself up for defeat. You just might find yourself falling right in the clutches of the traditional pattern of yo-yo diets.

Be prepared, use some guidelines and a timeline, but take the pressure off! Visit the Ancestral Eating page if you need some help deciding what you think you CAN and are WILLING to do. Also, check out the post for on Going Primal and if you feel motivated to use a challenge to transition to a healthy eating lifestyle.

Whether you choose Primal, Paleo, Ancestral, Anti-inflammatory, Whole9, Zone or any combination of the many labels out there. Know what you are going to do and give yourself the tools and support for success. You want to enjoy it too! So smile, take a deep breath and move into ACTION.

Berry Pancake
(more like a souffle and completely delicious!)
Organic Coffee - mmmm new french roast blend
Cutie Mandarin on the side - goes well with the kiwi!

Mixed Greens salad topped w/bacon, splash of olive oil & fresh squeezed lemon
Kombucha tea (also considered a probiotic support)

KBChallenge - Day 1
25 Russian Swings
25 Snatch R
25 Russian Swings
25 Snatch L

Snack (post wod)
Boarshead Turkey wrapped in Avocado slices

In-process for Dinner!
Slow-cooked Chicken
Sauteed Broccoli spears w/red pepper & onion

Supplement support

Organic Greens


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