Monday, April 2, 2012

Primal Pancake Delight!

Primal Pancake Delight!

I think I have found my favorite combination for the primal pancake! Light fluffy delicious and no nuts!

Makes 1 serving ;)

2 tbsp shredded apple (variety your choice, organic!)
2 tbsp organic golden flax seeds
1 tbsp organic coconut flakes
1 pasture raised egg
1 egg white (save yolk for primal mayo or other recipe)

I use the Magic Bullet to spin it in until the seeds and coconut are blended, no longer than 30 seconds, really. Warm coconut oil in a small skillet, pour ingredients in to make 1 large pancake or 2-3 smaller ones. Cook over medium heat until golden, flip when bottom is set.

Simple! I enjoy this with an additional egg, over-easy. You can really beef it up with a side of bacon, ham or turkey. I can poke open the golden goodness and enjoy the mesh of flavors. Top with low sugar fruit such as berries or enjoy naked.


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