Friday, November 8, 2013

Breakfast in a Cup

OMG this was soooo delish!
A take on the Breakfast in a Cup by Paula Deen, remade by her son, Bobby and remade again by ME.
2 eggs, 1/4 Egg white, scramble with ... choose your own veggies here but not too much:
  • 1 oz leftover grilled chicken (that's all I had!) 
  • broccoli florets just a few & 
  • artichoke hearts only 1 left
  • Red pepper flakes
Drop in your fav carb source here. 
  • Bobby made it with sweet potato - I didn't have time for that, so I went safe starch option here.
  • Paula made it with grits & sausage.
  • I will be trying a few variations. I went with rice crackers today. But there are many options as I see it!
Crumble a few rice crackers in the bottom of the cup, place egg scramble on top, added salsa! This is a keeper ;)!
Continuing on primal super foods edge, you could add aged cheese, cultured sour cream, your choice of toppers, bacon comes to mind. But this was pre-workout meal for me and bacon preWOD is not my favorite.
The cracker was perfectly softened by the warm scramble, not soggy but a good texture to compliment the ingredients!

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