Functional Movement

For what is the best choice, for each individual is the highest it is possible for him to achieve. ~Aristotle

My Personal Training

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, if not
randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity.

Man’s world, nature, is full of movement. Our standing, sitting, throwing, lifting,
pushing, pulling, climbing, running, and of course, punching are all quite natural. They
got us where we are. They are part of our design.

These natural, primal, movements influence the exercises included in CrossFit’s

I am a CrossFit Junki. I love it. I am a lifer. It will always be my training.

Kettlebell & Unconventional Training Methods
The Kettlebell came to me via CrossFit. However, my love of it came from my first RKC instructor who has a tremendous passion for it.I still see the KB movements and think...I want to do THAT!

While CrossFit is now considered a sport, those known as more conventional sports are still enjoyed! Now that CrossFit Endurance is widely available, over-training is no longer a concern.

I am so excited to be entering my second year as head coach for the Auburn Lake Trails Dolphins.

Behind the Christmas tree on year, popped out this little gem...while I still feel that I am in the honeymoon phase with both the bike and my training...

My first CIM 12/11. Thank the heaven's above for the relay. I am certain this is the only way you will find me in any kind of running event.

Adventure Racing
I did do this. The Super Spartan Race in Temecula this past February. A team of 10 of us raised our spears and trudged forward into the unknown. It was fantastic. A little crazy and well worth the effort.

Self Myofascial Release (SMR)


What's Next?

On the Horizon
More to come!

I do keep track of all of this craziness. While these may not be your favorites, they are all a part of the enjoyment of life for me.

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